"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch."

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If ever there was a reason to get a credit card – Sidecar Doughnuts CA

SidecarDoughnuts are kind of an obsession me and my best friend have. It’s not even in a food snob way. We love the cheap sugared Tesco variety too. Although our preparedness to “hunt” a good ‘nut down is somewhat scary. We are currently in email correspondence trying to justify credit cards and an 11 hour flight to get our chops around a Sidecar creation. Madness? Maybe. But just look at that Rosemary infused raised ring with rosemary honey glaze.



Dogfather Diner

Haute Dog anyone? The Unkle Karl of sausages wrapped in the finest of garbs, if Wintour ate carbs I’m sure she would agree The Dogfather is a contemporary masterpiece.

2012-12-03-13-42-22_decoWith adventurous flavour combinations like A Mexican chili-beef-cheese-dog with sauce containing tomatillo’s, cactus leaves, green peppers, green jalapeños called the Cactus Dog, this place has you dribbling whilst you queue (FYI 100% worth the wait you lazy arse). I unknowingly stumbled onto the van as I visited one of the more bizarre Christmas Markets held in a college in Lambeth today, and oh the angels sang when I smelt the vans offerings. I went for the namesake dog the Dogfather, a beautiful marrying of a beef dog with grilled chorizo slices, grilled onions, melted mozzarella, roast red pepper marinara, grated parmesan, a sprinkle chopped jalapeños. WOW OR WHAT! Look at the menu here.

I waited the grand total of 11 minutes for my dog to cook so I explored the range of home made sauces and cooed (in a cool fashion obviously) over the “Reservoir Dog” decorated tables. My name was called and I was thanked for buying a hot dog, Manners ladies and gents get you everywhere in life.

The Dogfather Dog

This street food genius has already rallied a huge fan base and is frequently recommended as one of the top dogs in London. With it’s incredible flavour combinations and the best bun I have ever come across I could become a regular purchaser at its permanent-but-not-so-permanent home at North Cross Road Market. Check out their website: www.dogfatherdiner.com


Ok, ok, I’m slow on the update I know. But I have the biggest obsession developing on the frozen treats from Pinkberry.

So it’s frozen yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours AND you can pick AS MANY toppings as you want/can fit in your cup (and they are not shy with it). I went for pomegranate yoghurt with pomegranate sauce and topped it with: dark choc chips, toasted almonds, blueberries and rasperries. Delicious. You can get it from Selfridges and Eastfield (Westfield in Straford). Apparently they are doing a Gingerbread flavour for the season too…tempted?

Follow them on twitter to find out about latest flavours, comps etc: @pinkberryUK


Courtesy of @ibizo

If you have no plans (or job) you should get a wiggle on and get to Hendon (random right?) to snag an In-N-Out burger. I will be ludicrously jealous as I am desk bound all day. It’s only open till 3pm and there is “limited quantities available” but knowing us Brits we will try and act cool as cucumbers and queue whilst impatiently wringing our hands and staring down queue jumpers.

Eat it on the KERB

Tonight is the opening bash for the launch of KERB – the street food haven setting up camp in Kings Cross.

They kicked off the party with a food van “parade” earlier today but the real shingdig begins at 6 and goes on till 10, plenty of time to get there after work no matter which corner of London you’re currently nestled in.

You can expect offerings from You Doughnut, The Ribman among many others and apparently there will be tunes playing out of a chicken van

Get down there!