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30 sec review of Electricity Showrooms

Electricity Showrooms30 sec review on @electricityshow

What: causual pub with Friendly staff at the half moon shaped bar

Where: the light bulb studded exterior of 39a Hoxton Square, Shoreditch

Atmos: A neon flashing peacock, a light up dance floor and theatrical interior

Drink: cider or G&T’s

Do: Scoff sliders at the bar and wiggle around on the light up dancefloor

£: £7-9 for a cocktail £3.75 for a beer

Electricity Showroom’s Website


The Hoxton Pony

cocktails at the Hoxton Pony

30 sec review on @TheHoxtonPony

What: cocktail bar with old school R’n’B

Where: 104-108 Curtain Road

Atmos: East London cool with a menagerie of taxidermy

Drink: The Black Cherry Sour and the Gentlemen’s Hiball are personal favourites

Do: Make your way through the cocktail list whilst fully utilising the attentive table waiting staff and sing along to TLC or Dizzee. Then totter downstairs to burn off the cals.

£: £7-9 for a cocktail £3.75 for a beer

The Hoxton Pony’s Website

Danger of Death on Brick Lane

It’s super small and members only but don’t be put off by those facts, oh and that it’s called Danger of Death!

This diddy drinking den has one of the coolest and deadliest looking drinks menu. These double up as your Death book or hand guide as it were, hold onto it because if you’re brave enough and make it through the entire cocktails list you’ll be rewarded with a £50 bar tab!

The cocktails have been split into four sections: Vodka, Rum, Gin and Whiskey/Tequila/Cognac. Each drink in this section is then giving a rating on their Liquid Blast Intensity scale from one (no structual damage) to five (ground zero). Its all a bit Fall Out (for you gamers) without the “wasteland” surroundings and inhospitable survivors, naturally.

Not ready to settle down and become a member? No me neither, but they now offer an open house Wednesday where non members can mooch on down and taste the wares as it were. You do have to book nonetheless and its pretty small so plan ahead.



I love a sporting underdog, (I challenge you to guess my sporting history) I also love a sport where you can confidently throw gin into the mix. Bounce, which has dusted off its welcome mat and urges you into the home of Ping Pong, offers both.

I guess since the Olympics are still fresh to us Londoners (sob they really are over) Ping Pong hasn’t quite returned to it’s underdog status, and we are still loving the high speed, slightly hilarious sport. To cater to our retro wants in steps Holborn’s offering which sets to make casual table tennis dates as common as ten pin bowling. With a Mecca of 14 butterfly tables and a 2012 Olympic table taking centre stage this really is an ode to the sport created and patented on the very same site in 1901. It’s open to all, so you can nip in and grab a table or have a pizza while you wait for one to free up.

Prices are reasonable and the drinks menu is extensive, but then anywhere who claims to have paid “homage to the Gin Palace” is a winner in my books. Tables are £13 for 30 mins in peak times with bat hire a meagre £1. You can also become a member if you fancy yourself as the next Forrest Gump.

Bounce, see you next week, I’ll be the one with Gin in hand and an expression of steely focus…kinda.

The Folly

The Folly situated in Bank is no new destination for me, neither are its sisters The Parlour (best for cocktail meets) and The Refinery (ideal for working lunches).

 The menu covers absolutely everything from Lobster Po-Boy’s to Indonesian Fish Curry. But contrary to my personal belief that a smaller menu means better results, The Folly does exceed despite having so many strings to its bow.  I especially appreciate that extra thought has gone into the flavours and ingredients in the salads (no boring chicken caesar here), I strongly recommend the Foragers Salad with Prawn Lollipops. This said the apricot and parma salad could do with some form of dressing.
If you are looking for a lighter bite i recommend a couple of the flat breads to share (Peking duck!) and some of the perfectly cooked deep fried calamari rings, mmm.

The menu, as far as I have experienced, is the same across the five destinations which means after the first visit you won’t be quite as daunted by the mammoth selection.

The space in the Folly itself is large, light and airy but with a feel that is still intimate and friendly. It’s a space with quite a lot to discover. The main floor houses the restaurant, a small cocktail “hut”, a spacious bar with an impressive honeycomb wine display. While downstairs you can find another bar that becomes a vibrant watering hole for city types on thursday nights.

Tip: the little tags on the Tree in the toilet give you money off or two-for-one on cocktails at the smaller bar upstairs. Feels like theiving but it’s worth the guilty conscience.

41 Grace st, London, EC3V OBT


Duke Box

And all the yuppies cried “huh-Rah yah yah”

When a certain Princes preferred watering hole, Public, closed down; one wondered where the lithe, beautiful and privileged of Chelsea would party (don’t cry to daddy guys there was still Maggies/Embargo/BungaBunga etc). But it didn’t take long for one half of the gift-of-the-gab duo Howard Spooner to set up a brand spanking new shop on the Fulham Road, Duke Box.

With an adult playground theme, the walls are adorned with jack-in-the-boxes and sweet jars in cages, waltzers have been made into booths and a carousel horse proved a popular photo opportunity. I particularly liked the neon flashing murals. “All things nice” and “your pussy” were all i could make out…

The staff were dressed as ring masters, which proved quite fun and their signature drink (the name avades me) comes with its own “toy” procession of fountain sparklers and served in a rather large humpty dumpty and an intriguing looking present.

Expect the same crowd and the same debauchery found on the Kings rd but on a smaller scale, it only has a 230 capacity, and a stricter door policy. Apparently they have learned from their rather Public mistakes.

http://www.dukebox.uk.com/ or follow them on twitter for info and other useless tidbits