"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch."

Month: April, 2013

60 Second review of Burger & Lobster


You may have seen this pic before

60 sec review on @Londonlobster

What: The traditional american lobster shack gets a chic British makeover. Simplicity at it’s finest, there are no menus just three options Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll all served with salad and chips for £20. A lobster for £20 I hear you cry with delight, yar only £20 and it’s bloody incredibly too. A burger for £20 I hear some cry with derision, yar it seems pretty hefty but it offsets the Lobster prices to keep it low and friends have assured me they are tasty (as well as huge!). So what about the Lobster roll? Well I plumped for it first time and whilst the toasted brioche bun was a sweet taste of French genius, I was  unpleasantly surprised to find the lobster meat filling was cold. Rather jarring in my opinion. It also seemed to have quite a lot of tasteless lobster meat.

Where: four spots in Mayfair, Soho, Farringdon, City respectably (I went to City – Bread St)

Atmos: Bare bulbs and wooden crates as screens, it’s a little warehousey with a nod to the fishing trade. Service is swift and friendly.

Drink: Extensive drink list in comparison to the non existent food menu.

Do: not order dessert. They weren’t wow worthy despite the names – peanut brittle ice cream and strawberry cheesecake. The cheesecake was a gloopy, gelatinous mass and the ice cream was tasty but too much after such a rich meal.

£: Keep up! It’s £20 for a Burger, Lobster or Lobster Roll.

Burger and Lobster’s Website


@sway23 and her lobster roll


Busy this sunday?

ohlalamacaronThis Sunday Ohlala – Macarons will be hosting a one-off “Only Macarons” class.

Focusing on creating and decorating delicious macarons without their normal alcoholic accompaniment. This workshop is ideal for people wishing to enjoy a lighter Sunday or younger macaron lovers.

Priced at a tantalisingly tempting £30 per person you will not only indulge in unlimited macarons, you will also take-away a box of your own hand-made creations at the end of the session.

Sunday 28th April | 3.30pm – 5pm | 33 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BH  | £30 per person

Book here

Got Milk?

Decorative Vintage Milk Bottles Decorative Orange Milk BottleIt’s all anyone in this usually grey city can talk about, but god damn it doesn’t the sun make people happier? It makes me crave bright, childish colours and these milk bottles are perfect. Use as a vase or maybe a fun centre piece for outdoor dining? Available at my favourite Hunkydory Home.


Let’s have a pillow fight and eat something with Oreo’s in it..

I’m 23 and I like sleepovers. Yes, obviously that sort, you filthy minded creature but here I’m on about the pillow fighting, movie watching, carb loading kind you have with your female friends. I’m having one tonight actually, so Martha took this Americana-throw-it-all-together treat recipe and we knocked it up in about 5 minutes. There were girlish giggles and finger licking – we love a cliché. It’s a brilliant marriage of Rice Krispy Squares and the US favourite: Oreos. You melt 75g of butter and 150g of white marshmallows till it’s a horrid looking gooey paste. Tip in 6 handfuls of rice crispies and a pack of bashed up Oreos. Stir until combined and your straining arm can take no more. Crack it into a baking paper lined tray and spread out. Do not, at this point, use a palette knife as Gill did, the concrete like substance will bend it. RIP fave kitchen tool. Then smother it in swirls, dollops and lines of melted white chocolate. If you can bare it wait till it’s cooled and slice up for midnight snacking in pjs.

FM Mangal – Honest talk and wholesome wine…kinda

FMLittle Turkey, does this exist? I mean you have Little Venice, no mini canals unfortunately, and china town, the Vietnamese quarter in East London but do we have a dedicated Turkish spot? If not I suggest FM Mangal be pronounced the heart of it.

From outside it appears to be nothing more than your run of the mill kebab shop to which you will have undoubtedly frequented on cold nights after long days at work which have left you bereft of cooking inspiration (or more likely after you’ve sunk too many vodkas). But inside awaits rug clad exposed brick, twinkling Turkish lamps and humble tables, that is after you climb up the stairs past the swirling, smoking and fortunately glass screened grill.

The menu is pretty extensive and to this Turkish-delicacy-novice was a sea of phrases I was never going to understand. Cop Sis or Tavuk Kanat? We ordered the warm meze to start which featured some uninspiring calamari, ever pleasing halloumi and fair falafels. The stand out was admittedly the grilled onions and garlic served drowned in a redwine/vinegar sauce that we mopped up with the provided flatbread.

We plumped for the house white (and two cokes, you can’t take these kids anywhere). Our pockets felt moth bitten on this occassion and bottles here always resemble the unrecognisable labels seen gathering dust in late night shops. It was chilled, bonus, tasted cheap but we nodded sagely regardless of the unabashed shock of our waitress. Awkward.FM MangalIt took some time to get our mains, the FM Mangal Special, Mixed Kebab and Tavuk Saslik, but as a group who rarely indulge in silence this was no issue for us. Portions are big. I admit, I knew what I was getting myself in for as the menu listed meaningless meat names rounded off with rice and salad, but boy do you get your ££’s worth. It’s phenomenally charcoaled on its edges, smoke permeates everything but the spiced sauces and sweet coverings take it from polycarton to table worthy. The fresh salad sides and pillow soft rice though delicious, served for me as only a palate cleanser and time bider till I could face the next small mound of awaiting meat.

Jay Rayner was not lying when he said this place was one to be celebrated. For all its worn edges and questionable frontage this place is the dogs. After shuffling, sitting up straight and then finally conceding we could fit no more in our stomachs, we asked for the bill. All in all it came to only £20 each with tip. I somehow managed to eat all three pieces of the Turkish delight offered too.

The website is clunky and choc full of stock images but don’t let that put you off. It has the address and menus up there, everything you need: fmmangal.net FM Mangal2” Have no scandal while you dine, Just honest talk and wholesome wine” FM Mangal – The mural did look pretty old to be fair though.

Street Feast – It’s a dine of the times

Street Feast Poster

Its back on the 12th, next friday! Just in line with the lighter nights and warmer weather (hopefully).

The clocks may have gone forward but surely this is the first sign that summer is on it’s way? It’s got the cult classics (we can call them classic now right?) Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Ribman and some new names I’ve never had the pleasure of me[eating], HAI Spit & Roast! The plan? Head down to Merchant Yard, fill your belly with food, your liver with alcohol and your mind with music and art.


Photos by Chris McIntosh from Street Feast


Photos by Chris McIntosh from Street Feast


Photos by Chris McIntosh from Street Feast

If you need more info check it: www.streetfeastlondon.com

Brunch at Love Walk


Image from Three Piece Suite

It’s safe to say the bank holiday chewed me up and spat me out then swallowed me whole one last time. After squeezing in two drunken nights East, a flying visit to Cambridge, Sunday lunch with my grandparents, throwing my hand at some DIY at my parents new shop and some questionable driving, I was a mess yesterday and felt rather sorry for myself. But we (Martha) needed to go to Tesco’s to buy alcohol (Hen prep not alcoholism). After an hour of “in 60 secs we’ll move” we made the executive decision to line our stomachs before braving the spirits of the night before.

Love  1

Image from Three Piece Suite

After an incredible 7 million point parallel park we stumbled in to the bright and instantly cheering Love Walk Cafe. Mason jars of coloured water sit on shelves, neon coloured light cords wrap themselves around beams letting the bare bulbs hang and illustrations are pinned up on the walls. It’s a creative and imaginative space, inspired by the love affair of Camberwell’s Robert Browning. Poetry appears in script on the walls, in the bathroom and on the staircase, quotes and extracts from his work and love letters to his lover Elizabeth. Downstairs is magical, full of bright painted murals, characters and fauna designed by the talented Three Piece Suite.


Image from Three Piece Suite


Image from Three Piece Suite

Service is helpful and friendly and the menu quite vast. We went for an English Breakfast, which was heavily edited and changed to no inconvenience of our waitress, and an American Breakfast of pancakes, bacon and scrambled egg with a good dose of maple syrup. The coffee is great, and I appreciate that they just call it white coffee, but I was too preoccupied to ask where/who they were from. Also on the menu are sandwiches, salads, burgers, even a minute steak and the usual cafe essentials such as cakes and pastries. It is also incredibly cheap, almost unbelievably so.


Really all they need to do now is update the website.

A young admirer remarked ‘There is no romance now except in Italy.’ Browning thought for a moment. ‘Ah, well,’ he said, ‘I should like to include poor old Camberwell.’ Robert Browning.