"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch."

Month: March, 2013


This short video from Tom Sachs features Kate Moss flipping, pouring, saucing and smoking from a makeshift McDonald’s cart. Incredible.
It’s not a long lost video of Moss serving her time as a teen worker in McDo Croydon but a fashion short, that makes me really crave a burger.


Plated Poets

mineheart poetry plate mineheart poetry plate mineheart poetry plate

“I am nothing but a simple plate, porcelain skin painted gold and blue. I am not a poet, just a dish, but I’ll leave that judgement up to you.”

Crockery that longs for you and tells you that you give meaning to their life, Keats had nothing on these silent poets. I am falling hard for these dishes from mineheart, especially the cheeky “A little bit on the side” plate.

Easter – give me chic chocolate, not fluffy chicks

Easter Buys

A Dozen Quail Egglets £10 Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs with Salted Peanut Butter £5.49 Montezuma Dark Chocolate Rose Flavoured Easter Egg £13.95 Betty’s Milk & White Chocolate Spotted Egg £7.50 Betty’s

Bermondsey Beer @ Cool Cat’s Cafe

IMG_20130312_222738At a cool 6.9% this Bermondsey brewed beer, The Kernel, will give you that perfect Friday buzz tonight. I tried chilled and at room temperature and I have to recommend it at room, much nicer. Find out more about the local brewer here: thekernelbrewery.com they list a load of stockists on the site too but I enjoyed this at my super local – Cool Cats Cafe.


Dad in Disco Bistro

My pops visited me on Tuesday as his busy schedule led him to Borough one afternoon. Being the caring (freeloading*) father that he is, he decided to spend some quality time with his favourite daughter (use my sofa for the night). After meeting him at the pub next door to my office, “what’s a Gandt?” he asked (he had text me previously to ask what I wanted to drink), I led him past the Tate, over the Millennium Bridge and out to St Paul’s Cathedral.

I explained to him that I had been trying to visit a pop-up restaurant called Disco Bistro for some weeks and had never quite got round to it. “You were waiting for my wallet then?” quipped Dad. No, I wasn’t. But it sure as hell makes the whole thing a lot more fun when you don’t have to look at the damage.

We were both a little bemused to enter the Rising Sun and be greeted by a crowd of whooping and hollering suits. The bar maid mouthed “Horse Races” at me. I mimed an understanding Ahh! having no idea what this meant. We ordered a wine each and were told to head on up stairs when we were ready. Upstairs was a stark contrast, low lit with candles on little wooden tables with mis-matched chairs (old bus seats for the larger tables) whilst soothing reggae played. We sat and took to the menu straight away. We ordered and surveyed the room a little more. An achingly cool couple sat behind us, who pulls off a scoop back and top knot on a Tuesday? “Is that a Squirrel?” I had read about him in Grace Dent’s review. “It looks punk, but they are playing reggae, that’s a little annoying” dad threw out there. As a man of many hair colours, motorbikes and tattoos I take my old man’s opinions on the punk genre very seriously. Above our heads a huge conglomeration of trumpets were gathered to create a huge sphere of golden splendour and on the wall a blackboard chalked out a number of issues. Are you serious here? I’m sat on an old school chair eyeing up a questionable piece of taxidermy and trying to decide between beef or fish, should I begin conversation on eradicating malaria? Probably, actually, yes.

We chose a grilled half scallop with black pudding and apple to start. Cooked to perfection and the unexpected brit twist of black pudding was surprisingly delicious, I’m not usually a fan of it. For main: Mr Knight then went for a flat iron steak bun with peppers and I for deep fried Pollock in a buttermilk roll with fennel slaw. Both served with fries cooked in Aged Beef Fat. The food hit the table, “no” he cried and shook his head in pure disbelief at the young girl. What had she done, I panicked. I looked at my dad with that withering stare only a child can give their parent; please don’t embarrass me in front of the cool girl dad. I spotted his outstretched index finger. He was pointing at the tomato sauce and mustard. Ok, now I’m confused. “no” he repeated and laughed. Oh I get it, he thinks its a joke getting condiments straight from the bottle, where are the poncy little tubs they usually come poured in he’s thinking. I dismiss the bemused hipster and quickly explain to dad that that’s the the thing to do now. Heinz its a cult, its a statement, its widely perceived as the best despite its mass production, its not even equal to the coca cola/Pepsi debate because it has no rival. “it’s like getting your wine served in a tumbler glass, you like a good sauv blanc but you don’t feel the need to pour it into an actual wine glass.” His nose crinkled; not such a fan of that then.


Now, I previously had reserved my “best chips of my life” status to Bread Street Kitchen, a mere spit from our then destination. But I’m sorry Gordon, Carl Clarke’s genius has knocked you off my little respected list. THESE CHIPS ARE INCREDIBLE! Meaty, crispy but still having that pillowy soft potato inside, I wouldn’t shut up about them. Pretty embarrassing as I gushed and threw my head round to see Clarke himself sat with a couple of hotties  (media types I suspected) urgh am I food groupie now? How he creates this carby miracle I don’t know but I need more! Anyway’s after all that excitement and drained wine glass, we decided to order another, this time from the restaurant itself and not the pub downstairs. A respectable and tasty house white appeared…in glass tumblers.

All in all the bill came to about £50, I think. Being the true gent, Dad picked up the tab obvs. I am only posting the below image because I took it whilst he was telling me a cheesy joke, I showed it to him and he exclaimed “I’ve got old”. Love ya Old Man Knight.


*naturally I must add that the only free loader present for the 18hr visit was me. Obviously.

Almond & Apricot Jam Cake

Apricot and AlmondFor the Cake: 200g self raising flour, 200g butter, 200g caster sugar, 2 medium eggs 1 tsp almond extract, 1 tbsp whole milk, 2 tbsp apricot jam For Decorating: 50g butter, 150g icing sugartoasted almond flakes, 1tsp apricot jam

Made for my Directors birthday so, as you can imagine, this was one of the most stressful bakes of my short existence. Wobbly jam lines excluding, it was pretty simple/successful, I just panic easily.

Preheat the oven to 180c.
Cream the butter and sugar for ages, the longer the better in my eyes, 5 mins is good they should be light and fluffy. Then add the eggs and mix until incorporated. Add the sifted flour, then the almond extract and the milk. Pop into 2 cake tins and bake for about 15-20mins or until slightly golden and springy to the touch. Take out and them cool on a wire rack.
Mix the butter, milk and icing sugar together to make the butter cream  Spread around 2 tbsp of apricot jam (I recommend and personally love Bonne Maman’s) and sandwich the two cakes together. I cut off the peak, you know where it rises in the middle, off the cakes to make it level. Then, using a third of the butter cream  I added a a thin layer and crack it in the fridge for 15 mins. Some fancy pants on YouTube call it a crumb layer which stops you from getting bits of cake in the final decoration. Then remove from the fridge and use a palette knife to add the remaining butter cream.
Then get creative with toasted almonds and a bit more of the jam. I was going for a french aesthetic but it was a little more rustic in completion. Nah well. My director seemed to like it, phew.

If ever there was a reason to get a credit card – Sidecar Doughnuts CA

SidecarDoughnuts are kind of an obsession me and my best friend have. It’s not even in a food snob way. We love the cheap sugared Tesco variety too. Although our preparedness to “hunt” a good ‘nut down is somewhat scary. We are currently in email correspondence trying to justify credit cards and an 11 hour flight to get our chops around a Sidecar creation. Madness? Maybe. But just look at that Rosemary infused raised ring with rosemary honey glaze.


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..

Milk Bottles from Peach BlossomTraditional School Milk Bottle from DrinkstuffStriped Paper StrawsThis weekend I managed to consumed worrying amounts of milkshake and it’s reignited my obsession with paper straws in pastel colours and vintage style milk bottles. The above straws are from Peach Blossom (check out the heart print ones on the site too) and the bottles are from DrinkStuff.

P.S I totally know I need to stop with the RnB inspired post titles