"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch."

Month: November, 2012


Me and my work mate Fi did our best to nurture a fuzzy upper lip this month. I don’t think we did too bad, do you?


The most important bit was the money we donated. You can do it to here: Movember.com


It’s the final countdown!

da da duh duh. da da duh duh duh! This, by the way, is my version of Europe’s one and only classic hit.

But really the big Christmas count down starts in a mere 7 days, a week if you will. If you don’t have an advent calendar as of yet for yourself, loved one or needy child then I strongly urge you to buy Montezumas Organic and Vegan Dark Chocolate one. Oh wow, the daily chunks of 73% cocoa joy are dark and decadent. So what there’s only 24 (my inner child is enraged by this fact but realistically its never actually eaten on the 25th as I’m preoccupied with, erm, well other chocolate) the pieces are massive and the quality will have you asking Kinnerton who? Plus you can have the smug face satisfaction of knowing its all free from: GM, Colouring, Soya and Preservatives AND that it’s all organically grown.

I try and come up with creative ways to eat my advent chocolate, added to porridge in the morning or swirled in hot milk at night. This chocolate is so good I think you’ll struggle to not just pop it in your mouth as soon as the little cardboard door swings open.

Anyways, you can grab them online here: montezuma.co.uk

Ssh it’s Sunday…


… and i’m having home made afternoon tea with the girls

Hungover Brunch

I’m not sure why but when I have a head splitting, dry mouth, bubbly tummy hangover I always feel (know) the cure is to get up and plonk my self in some bright, airy, respectable place and shove my face with some eggs. The bright place is normally full of well to-do families enjoying one another’s company and this forces me to behave appropriately and sufficiently ignore my hangover until it is entirely forgotten…most of the time.

However Dean Street Townhouse, though very respectable, is dark, softly light and very warm. The place is strewn with bucket chairs inviting you to be enveloped by folds of warm velvet and a fireplace licks the place with woody aromas and crackles gently. It’s a place one wants to fall unashamedly asleep in, like ones Granddad after Christmas dinner. It was wonderful. I didn’t as I was with visiting guests, but I plan to on a return visit.

Dean St offer breakfast all day accompanied by scotch bonnet bloody mary’s and saucers of bucks fizz. I went for the ham hock hash with fried duck egg (such a lad). It came with a rack of sourdough toast and a gravy.. odd but worked brilliantly. My recommendation if ordering the eggs benedict/florentine/royale I suggest going for the “large” which is one muffin, two eggs, unless you have the appetite of a sparrow.

Go if you have no plans as minutes and hours will be whiled away with total ease.

See the menu here


Ok, ok, I’m slow on the update I know. But I have the biggest obsession developing on the frozen treats from Pinkberry.

So it’s frozen yoghurt that comes in a variety of flavours AND you can pick AS MANY toppings as you want/can fit in your cup (and they are not shy with it). I went for pomegranate yoghurt with pomegranate sauce and topped it with: dark choc chips, toasted almonds, blueberries and rasperries. Delicious. You can get it from Selfridges and Eastfield (Westfield in Straford). Apparently they are doing a Gingerbread flavour for the season too…tempted?

Follow them on twitter to find out about latest flavours, comps etc: @pinkberryUK

Brixton’s Bukowski is Best cooked Burger


Well, I thought I liked burgers, the pop up revolution certainly means that I have been visiting, tasting and lusting after the pink-centered meat patties more and more as of late. But Bukowski, babes, you get not only my seal of approval but my goddamn gold star too (unrecognised by all but means a lot to me) and have cemented my status as a burger fiend. Hmm that sounds strange, but I’ll roll with it.

As November is proving to be a pretty chilly month the seating inside with the closed doors and heated entrance make it a lot less of a shiver fest. Service is fast and faultless. They won’t take your coat or call you madam but they know their stuff, they’re polite and they won’t keep on asking you if you’re ok when you have burger half way down your frock.

Burgers can be ordered as rare as you like, yup RARE! As in proper pink. It’s amazing. Wash it down with either a bottle of Green Daemon beer or the smokey sweet Bourbon Cherry Bomb (I will go back for this alone). Oh and do not neglect the sides: Cajun Crayfish and Prawn Popcorn and the waldorf coleslaw were a great addition, even if I had to force feed myself.

Prices are beyond reasonable (by this I mean cheap) no matter how merry you choose to get. To close here is a picture of my pal Murray after inhaling his burger in roughly a minute and drinking a bottle of vino *naww*.

Perve on them here: www.bukowski-grill.co.uk

Just a Bit O’ Beef


Does much beat home made burgers? (FYI just a superfluous comment to express how good home made burgers are, obviously things like family bonding, meals at the Wolsley and probably Chris Brown would)

We wanted a quick dinner to watch Girls with, get on it now if you haven’t already, and so burgers it was. Takes a few minutes to do. Just mix mince with a pinch of salt, pepper and mustard. Then roll into balls, squash flat and cook on a really hot griddle pan for about 2mins on each side (I like mine rare).

We paired ours with courgette fries which are equally as simple, and arguably healthy… bit of a stretch. Slice a courgette lengthways, or any shape you so wish, then dip in milk, roll in flour and deep fry until golden. I’d dry them off on some kitchen paper before eating.

When serving I go the whole hog, bun, bacon, cheese, fried onions, mayo, tomato sauce, gerkins, coleslaw etc etc. De-bloody-licious.