Soda Farl Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yada yada… During the week I’m lucky if a morsel passes these lips before 12, so it makes breakfast a savoured time at the weekends. I was left to potter about the flat on my ones whilst my housemate sunned herself in Bali (not jealous an ounce) so decided on a big brunch.

Disappointed by the low stock at the bakery (due to my lie in I failed to make the morning bake) I trudged to a supermarket to look for a poor substitute and settled on Rankin’s Soda Farl. Now they come with a strong recommendation for simple butter and jam, which I imagine would be delightful, but I had two rashers of streaky bacon calling my name. So forgoing Rankins undoubted superior knowledge I literally followed my gut.

I slammed some vine tomatoes slathered in a bit of oil/salt/pepper into the oven. I then poached an egg with just a splash of cider vinegar and fried the bacon till crispy. Slicing the farl in half and toasting it for twice as long as toast meant it was just golden on the edges and butter soft on the inside. These farls smell so good that I was tearing of the corners pretending I wouldn’t notice in the end.

Then it was simple assembly: farl, egg, bacon and tomatoes to the side. Then it was simple disassembly: eat and wash down with a homemade ice coffee.

You can order Rankin’s Soda Farl with your next online shop.

“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today.” Alice in Wonderland